Absinthia Organic Absinthe Superieure

Absinthia is carefully crafted using certified organic and biodynamic grapes from California, and certified organic herbs—fresh wormwood (artemesia absinthium), star anise, fennel seed, and coriander seed—from an organic farm in Oregon.

Absinthia absinthe is smooth, drinkable, and elegant. Because it's made with fresh wormwood, this Swiss-style blanche has a natural sweetness and is delicious neat, on the rocks, with a splash of cold water, or in a cocktail.

Absinthia Organic Absinthe is available for distribution and is perfect for your bar, restaurant, hotel, or bottle shop. 

Traditional flavor. West Coast ingredients. Certified organic. 100% Woman owned. Absinthia Organic Absinthe Superieure.

55% ABV