Anthony DeCicco

Anthony DeCicco

Tony DeCicco has been in the nightlife industry for over twenty-five years.  In 1992 he became the manager of The Duplex Piano Bar/Cabaret and became the owner in 2004. In his time in the industry he has opened several clubs and restaurants in Greenwich Village including Halo and Hue. Ten years ago, along with his partners, Stacy Lentz, Kurt Kelly and Bill Morgan, he took over the (then) failing Stonewall Inn and restored it to the landmark that it deserved to be.  Since then President Obama has declared it a National Monument.  

Stories by Anthony DeCicco

Where are the Gay Bars?

LGBTQ bars have been closing at an alarming rate in recent years. Some feel this may be due to LGBTQ political victories and widespread social acceptance reducing the need for exclusively LGBTQ nightlife. Others point to the gentrification of gay neighborhoods, and the prevalence and ease of "hooking up" with apps like Tinder and Grinder.