Donna Hood Crecca

Donna Hood Crecca
Donna Hood Crecca
Senior Director - Technomic, Inc.

Donna Hood Crecca is the Senior Director of the Adult Beverage Resource Group at Technomic Inc. She is a veteran of the drinks industry, having written about beverage alcohol in on-premise establishments and at retail for nearly two decades. Before joining Technomic, she was Publisher & Editorial Director of Nightclub & Bar magazine; prior to that she was Editor of Cheers. Additionally, she served as a Contributing Editor to Chain Leader and Editor of F&B Business. She has broad knowledge of bar, nightclub and restaurant marketing, operations, human resources and growth strategies, with specific expertise in beverage sales, promotion, service and training, having covered these topics for a number of industry magazines. She is a frequent presenter at industry events, including the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, Tales of the Cocktail, National Restaurant Association Show, Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART) and the Alcohol Responsibility Conference. Crecca holds a bachelor's degree in magazine journalism from Syracuse University and has done graduate work in magazine publishing management at New York University. She is BarSmarts Advanced Certified and has served as President of the International Foodservice Editorial Council.

Stories by Donna Hood Crecca

Toasting Responsibility

According to a recent report about underage and binge drinking, we have cause to celebrate. The joint National Institute on Drug Abuse and University of Michigan study indicates that underage drinking by teens and binge drinking by consumers in general are at their lowest levels.

Happy Hour Pros & Cons

Millennials have changed many things, including the way bars and restaurants do business. More than half prefer happy hour to going out for dinner. Here are some things to consider about happy hour promotions.

Signature Beverages

Specialty and signature cocktail creations can help to increase traffic and guest satisfaction among the Millennial demographic. Smaller menus with specialty and signature selections are a solid new trend.

Millennials: Nomads No More?

Explorers, adventurous, constantly craving the anewa a Millennials are often described as nomadic consumers always searching for the next exciting beverage experience. Since its members began coming into legal drinking age, this generation overall has demonstrated an unprecedented openness to new beverage trial and engagement with a wide range of drink types.

Engaging Women with Craft Beer

As summer winds down, many beverage professionals have fall flavors on their minds and are gearing up for promotions and drink specials that leverage the seasons crisp, spicy and warming taste profiles.

Wine: Path to Purchase

Competition for wine sales in restaurants and bars is fierce as myriad brands vie for menu space and consumer attention. But when do consumers decide to order wine and what factors are most influential?

Cideras Appeal

Recent findings point to opportunities regarding where to position cider on the beverage menu, and suggest it appeals strongly to specific consumer groups.

Hot Shots

Three in 10 consumers age 23-34 are ordering more shots in on-premise venues now than they did two years ago. These consumers also spend more on straight spirits, including shots, per occasion in restaurants or bars.

Catch the Sparkling Trend

Champagne and sparkling wine is on a roll lately, outpacing wine overall for a 4.1% total volume increase in 2014, with continued growth expected this year.

Irish for More than a Day

Everyoneas Irish tomorrow, and like good Irishmen, many will dutifully be imbibing Irish whiskey. Irish whiskey is holding strong to its designation as the fastest-growing spirits category.