George Barton

George Barton
Founder - gbarton Innovations

George Barton has 35 years experience in restaurant and bar operations with T.G.I. Friday's.

Positions and Roles Held in Operations

VP Operations (15 years) Led 100 + restaurants ($300M Revenue) with full EBITDA responsibility. Led (2) separate divisions during this period with responsibility for both company and franchise operations.

VP Beverage and Bar Innovation (3 years) Responsible for brand innovation and strategy for Beer, Wine and Spirits.

Reengineering Team Leader (1 year) Led team to deliver dramatic improvement in Production of Food an Beverage.

Regional Manager (10 years) Multiple markets. Responsible for teams delivering results in all KRA (key result areas) including sales, profits and retention.

General Manager (5 years) Operated restaurants at GM level from $3M-$6M annual sales with Friday's. Also operated and led small independent restaurants at the GM level.

Manager / Kitchen Manager / Bar Manager Responsibilities linked to each discipline and function, including revenue and margin growth as well as team development.

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