Liza Wylie

Liza Wylie
Vice President, Events

Liza Wylie is Vice President, Events, for the Nightclub & Bar Media Group.

Stories by Liza Wylie

Win, Place or Show becomes American Live

In 2010 decorated retired career navy man, Barry Rogers, decides to take $50,000, his entire life savings, and invest it in what had once been an unpopular biker bar in Fairfield, OH.

Upping the Ante

The 2011 Shake It Up! Cocktail Competition at the Nightclub & Bar Show Increases Prize Winnings to $25,000.

Score Big Sales with Sports Promos

Taking place March 7-8 in conjunction with the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, the Hospitality Sports Marketing Conference will feature programming to help bars attract guests for sporting events.

In-person is Invaluable

Trade shows, conferences and conventions are cost effective ways to interact with other industry professionals a plus you can touch, taste and feel the products you are contemplating purchasing.