Maia Merrill Gosselin

Maia Merrill Gosselin

Maia Merrill Gosselin writes about food and beverage, travel and tourism from the North Shore in Massachusetts.

Stories by Maia Merrill Gosselin

Everybodyas Thirsty for Draft. . . Tap into the Trend!

Yes, of course draft is important a itas popular, affordable and immensely lucrative. But the category is being revitalized as brewers big and small are focusing their attentions on all things draft. From innovative brand extensions to an explosion of local offerings to dedicated education programs, the draft beer category is rapidly evolving a so donat miss out!

Stop Pouring Profits Down the Drain!

How much beer do you think your bar wastes every day? Because beer is such a profit maker, itas easy to overlook little losses. Before you know it, your numbers are skyrocketing! Find out how to banish bad habits behind the bar:

Big Beer in the U.S.A.

Letas talk about beer. No, not craft beer, but good, old-fashioned mainstream American beer. You know a the bread and butter of your baras business. Craft beers may be chic and trendy, but everyone needs mainstream domestic beers in their program.


But just because thereas nothing on the flat screens doesnat mean your sales should suffer. You donat have to settle! You have a star player just waiting in the wings: beer.

Beer Sales Flat?

There are countless factors, from inconsistent inventory to sloppy pouring techniques, which may contribute to flat beer sales. Donat settle! From the high tech to the low cost, check out these tips to put some CO2 back into your beer game.

Hip to Sip

For the last few years, beer has taken a back seat at the bar as chic cocktails and wine have dominated the scene. But thatas all changing as Millennials are getting turned on to beer when they reach legal drinking age.