Maria Miranda

Maria Miranda
Creative Director and Social Media Advocate

Maria is a nationally recognized social media coach and thought leader, who has helped more than 150 businesses and non-profit organizations utilize Facebook as a smart marketing tool. Her goal is to empower business managers/owners to create their own winning social media strategy with ease and confidence.  Maria's popular Facebook 201 workshop has been specifically modified to meet the needs of show attendees and will includes tips on efficient page management, clever Facebook advertising, fan growth/development, customized tabs, third party applications, e-mail capture options and measuring efforts with Fan Insights and other ROI tools. Maria is Creative Director and Social Media Advocate for Miranda Creative, Inc., based in Connecticut.

Stories by Maria Miranda

From Socially Challenged to Socially Gifted - Rocket Shop CafA(C)

In the months ahead, this column will share the real-world examples of Bars/Clubs who competed to win a free makeover in exchange for sharing their experiences to benefit others. How can this column help you? Youare not alone in your social media challenges, and here youall find relevant advice.