Michael Harrelson

Michael Harrelson
Contributing Editor
Michael Harrelson is an editor in the nightclub and bar industry.

Stories by Michael Harrelson

Money to Grow On

In todayas economy, the financial burden on businesses is certainly grim, especially when trying to get the requisite dollars needed to expand an existing venue or build second and third locations.

Location, Location, Location

The real estate sites available because of the recent economic upheaval represent a golden opportunity of career-making proportions for those with the cash to take advantage of them.

Back in Black

Feeling the brunt of the economic trend, operators find alternative revenue sources to increase cash flow through ATMs, jukeboxes and more.

High-tech Check

Bouncers' and servers' efforts are supported by age ID technology from scanners that see in the dark to wristbands with wire sensors that send out signals when tampered with.