Pameladevi Govinda

Pameladevi Govinda
Contributing Writer

Pameladevi Govinda writes about mixology, bars, wine, travel and the good life from New York City and other points around the globe.

Stories by Pameladevi Govinda

All in Good Taste

Smoke, spice and the savory sense of umami are popping up in cocktails from coast to coast. Read all about the flavor trends happening in bars here.

All Hail Agave

Phil Ward either sensed the next big cocktail trend or instigated the craze himself when he opened the tequila-focused bar Mayahuel in New York Cityas East Village this spring.

The Current Buzz

Beyond Red Bull and Vodkas, the energy-infused cocktail category has evolved to include catchy-named shots and cocktails that reflect its vigorous vibe.