Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin

A judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Robert Plotkin recently authored his 16th book, Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktails. See his site at

Stories by Robert Plotkin

6 Amazing Mezcal Brands

These are the glory days for high quality, artisanal mezcals. The demand in the United States for this iconic Oaxacan spirit is due in large part to the high end, super premium segments of the market.

New Tequila Sensations

As tequila aficionados grow more discerning, distillers are responding by releasing the best and brightest their craft can produce, innovative offerings such as ultra-premium blancos, vintage dated and single estate bottlings and increasingly rarer and older aA+-ejos.

New Spirit Sensations

Affording consumers the opportunity of drinking new and exciting brands is at the heart of dynamic beverage marketing and efforts to boost sales. Here are some head-turning new spirit sensations to spice up your backbar and cocktail menus.

New Herbal Liqueurs

These herbal newcomers are dynamic and versatile products, which to a large degree is why the mixology community is so warmly embracing them.

Hot New Vodkas

Vodkaas steadily increasing popularity means that a stream of interesting new brands will continue entering the market. Hereas a scouting report on the best new vodkas you may not have heard of...yet.

New Irish Whiskies Sizzle

Irish whiskeys have quietly become the fastest growing spirits in America. So whatas the attraction? It may be no more complicated than

These Organic Spirits Get a Big Thumbs Up

Thereas something reassuring about consuming organic products, not the least of which is the assurance that theyare eco-friendly and arguably of a higher quality. The following cross-section of the organic segment well illustrates the allure.