Tim Hendricks

Tim Hendricks
Tim Hendricks
President, Creative Cognition Group

Tim Hendricks has more than thirty years of experience in sales, marketing services, senior sales and marketing leadership. As the president of the Creative Cognition Group (CCG), he is an industry leader in targeted direct marketing and sales process optimization. 

Tim’s innovative research-driven and real-world approach to selling empowers salespeople to drive sales and achieve peak performance. He has the unique ability to connect with sales forces and transform the way they do business. 

His guiding principle—quality over quantity—helps salespeople communicate competitive advantages and create stronger customer relationships that leverage business continuity and value creation. Armed with this powerful knowledge, Tim’s sales teams consistently deliver on double-digit growth and expansive new business development. 

As a marketing services leader, Tim’s customer strategies and campaigns have increased traffic, sales, and loyalty driven by an emphasis on life-stage marketing. ”Offers need to align with consumers’ changing needs and be delivered through their media of choice,” according to Tim. “The life-time relationship then needs to create loyalty through ongoing valuable offers that resonate, involve and entertain customers.” 

A featured writer and presenter, Tim is a frequent educational presenter on the topic of Direct Marketing and has authored numerous articles about marketing workflow technology and sales performance.

Tim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from St. John’s University and an MBA with a marketing concentration from Benedictine University where he has also taught as an adjunct professor in the marketing department teaching courses on Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior.