Tim Kirkland

Tim Kirkland
Founder - Renegade Hospitality Group

Tim Kirkland is an author, speaker, and consultant focusing on sales-building and service-energizing. More than 5,000 restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs worldwide use his best-selling book, The Renegade Server.

Stories by Tim Kirkland

Turning Servers Into Sellers

To reinforce the importance of selling rather than simply serving, frame the benefits of adopting selling behaviors to your staff around how they can affect tip income drastically.

Scheduling for Profits

It's not cost control or driving sales or marketing that is a nightclub or bar manager's primary responsibility at the venue, it's the people.

ID Examination 101

Empower team members to check identification, no matter what their position. Make sure they know how to do it thoroughly with these five steps.

Making Happy Hour Downright Ecstatic

Happy hour is becoming more popular, and operators who step up with something interesting stand to benefit. If you havenat revised your happy hour program recently, consider these steps.

Eyes Wide Open

Make sure your entire team understands the importance of monitoring guest consumption and can recognize the signs of intoxication. Here are some tips.