Avuá Cachaça

Avuá Cachaça is a company passionate about the culture, heritage and ecology of Brazil. The brand has a strong commitment to sustainability of its products and its supply chain. Regarding the woods of cachaça, Avuá works to ensure replanting and sourcing from sustainable stocks, as well as improving and optimizing their supply chain over time, and contributing over time to a larger conversation about the sustainability of cachaça.

Cachaça has a deep and unique history of wood aging in French Oak and a variety of indigenous woods—28 in all, far more than any other spirits category—which impart unique flavor notes and cocktail applications and pairings to each. Avuá Cachaça celebrates that history with several offerings.


Avuá Prata

Rested in stainless steel casks before being hand bottled.  The result is a lush and crisp spirit with subtle floral notes perfect for exciting new cocktails, or the classic Caipirinha.

Avuá Still Strength

Reflects the best of Avuá at 90 proof—the taste and strength intended by nature and alchemy. Like Prata, it is rested in stainless steel casks before being hand bottled. Explore this bold and crisp spirit with vegetal and banana notes perfect for cocktails that call for a higher-proof base distillate such as tiki and stirred drinks.

Avuá Oak

Following Brazilian tradition, Avuá Oak is aged for up to 2 years in French Oak, or carvalho, previously used to age white wine. Carvalho, the most common wood used for cachaça aging in Brazil, imparts notes of vanilla and butterscotch. Oak-aged cachaça finishes dry with a slight bitterness that has many layers for an exquisite sipping spirit. It is also the perfect base for stirred cocktails and tropical cocktails like the Mai Tai or Planter's Punch.

Avuá Amburana

aged in Amburana wood, found only in the forests of Latin America. Resting in this indigenous wood produces a stunning mix of warm and savory notes on the nose and palate that provides a truly unique taste experience for cocktail experimentation or sipping neat.

Avuá Jequitibá Rosa Aged Cachaça

Single-sourced from the hills of Carmo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hand-crafted and aged up to two years in a jequitibá rosa cask, a high density, dark-colored hardwood found only in central and southern Brazil. Produced in a single barrel, this jequitibá rosa aged cachaça is our third offering in a series of native wood experiments. The large vertical cask of dark, rich wood imparts a light fruity aroma with a delicate yet slightly bitter flavor.

Avuá Tapinhoã

Aged in tapinhoã wood, an extremely rare hardwood found in parts of South America. The spirit is aged in a barrel used decades ago by our distiller's father. After a lengthy recommissioning process, and up to 2 years of aging, we are proud to offer our second unique Brazilian wood offering. This wood imparts flavors of  toasted coconut, fresh honeycomb, and caramel. The soft, sweet notes imparted by the wood create the perfect sipping spirit.

Avuá Bálsamo

Hand-crafted and aged up to two years in bálsamo wood casks, a high density, burgundy colored hardwood native to South and Central America. These tall trees with a fine grain impart a herbaceous aroma with a flavor that hints at minerality, citrus and bitterness.