Basil Hayden’s Caribbean Reserve Rye

Basil Hayden's Bourbon, one of the fastest growing super-premium bourbons on the market, proudly announces the limited-time release of Basil Hayden's Caribbean Reserve Rye. Taking inspiration from the contrasting flavors of rye and rum, this blend of two Rye Whiskies finished with Black Strap Rum pushes category boundaries to offer whiskey fans an experience that is truly unique and perfect for warm, summer months.   

Crafted as an approachable whiskey expression, Basil Hayden's Caribbean Reserve Rye features a blend of 8-year-old Kentucky straight rye whiskey and 4-year-old Canadian rye whisky, which brings layers of distinct spice, toasted oak and vanilla notes. The blend is then finished with the addition of Black Strap Rum which adds sweet notes of brown sugar and molasses to the final taste profile. The resulting balance of sweet and spice, offered at an approachable 80 proof, makes Basil Hayden's Caribbean Reserve Rye the perfect sip to enjoy whether you're a tried and true fan or whiskey novice.

Quick Notes

Nose: Rich caramel and brown sugar complemented by back notes of soft rye and vanilla

Palate: A balanced blend of sumptuous rye and brown sweets with an ample woody accent

Finish: A pleasant, long lingering warmth

40% ABV