Bayou Reserve/Select Rum

Bayou Reserve/Select Rum is the rum for bourbon drinkers. Reserve is matured in bourbon barrels for up to three years using the Solera aging method. Hand Crafted, pot-distilled and naturally gluten-free.

Bayou Rum is distilled from locally grown sugarcane in southern Louisiana, USA. Their molasses comes from the oldest family-owned and operated sugar mill in the United States. Every batch of Bayou Rum is distilled in copper pot stills, aged mostly in bourbon casks under a Solera system and bottled in house.

Quick Notes

Nose: Creamy vanilla with hints of apple and cinnamon

Mouthfeel: Opens with a dry oak-like character reminiscent of an aged bourbon, followed by pronounced cinnamon and maple

Profile: Dry with long-lasting notes of dark fruit and wood