BRUM, A World Rum

Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distiller, producers of Ocean Organic Vodka, have introduced a new luxury rum created by using world-sourced aged expressions crafted in the solera-blend style.

"We search artisan cellars around the world and individually select elegant rums that have been aging 4 to 12+ years," states Bill Scott, Master Distiller. "They represent a multitude of styles and are selected based on character, profile and quality. We bring the assortment back to Hawaii, blend them together along with rum spirits distilled at our facility and place them into recommissioned bourbon barrels spiked with hand-charred Kiawe staves from retired Kiawe trees on our 80-acre farm."

Permitted to age an additional 1 to 2-plus years, Bill Scott routinely reviews BRUM for aroma, taste and consistency. BRUM is characterized by a deep, rich buttery rum flavor and balanced by its time in seasoned oak barrels. The flavor isn't woody, it's just perfectly mature with nods to tropical fruits and a slight sweetness, yielding to a silky-smooth warmness all the way down for a delicious one-of-a-kind rum experience not seen before in the aged rum market.

40.0% ABV