Caorunn Small Batch Scottish Gin

Carefully handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn expertly infuses 5 locally foraged gin botanicals with 6 traditional botanicals. Artisanal and small batch, beautifully mixing the rugged charm of Speyside with the urban sophistication of modern Scotland.

Foraging is fast becoming a major trend in the world's best bars and restaurants—Caorunn is at the heart of this renaissance. Expertly crafted by our Gin Master, Simon, from handpicked botanicals, Caorunn invites drink connoisseurs to rediscover local ingredients and create truly remarkable drinks.

Foraging reconnects you with the seasons and the bounty of tastes, smells and flavours that nature provides. There’s nothing more exciting than discovering what wild plants are in season and combining them with Caorunn to delicious effect.

Our foragers have unearthed the seasons bounty and collected some of nature's finest ingredients from which the team of drink experts have crafted some delightful unique Caorunn G&Ts and gin cocktails to savor at home and in the best bars.

Wild, foraged botanicals: Rowan berries, bog myrtle, heather, Coul blush apple, dandelion leaf

Traditional botanicals: Juniper berries, coriander seed, orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark

Quick Notes

Nose: Fresh, floral, citrus, slightly spicy and aromatic

Palate: Clean, crisp, sweet, full bodied and aromatic

Finish: nvigorating, long lasting, refreshing, crisp and slightly drying

41.8% ABV