Coopers’ Craft

From start to finish, making Coopers’ Craft focuses on the fine art of gentle bourbon. Decades of knowledge gained about the role of the barrel in creating fine bourbons have gone into making Coopers’ Craft a most gentle, approachable bourbon.

Coopers' Craft is bottled at 82.2 proof for a gentle flavor profile that is well-balanced through the finish. Bourbon aficionados and newcomers alike will appreciate this remarkably smooth and inviting bourbon. It is equally comfortable neat, on the rocks, with a simple mixer, or in a classic cocktail.

Bourbon is only as good as the barrel in which it rests. That’s why Cooper's Craft American white oak barrels are raised by hand at their own historic cooperage in Louisville. The Coopers’ Craft barrel undergoes a proprietary toasting and char process before heading to the distillery where the bourbon will age in the barrel until it matures to optimum flavor.

After aging, when Coopers’ Craft is removed from the barrels, it passes through the brand's unique Beech and Birch charcoal-filter finishing process, which refines the bourbon until the soft Oak character is revealed. This additional step results in the one-of-a-kind gentle character of Coopers’ Craft bourbon.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Light toasted and fresh oak character mingle with baked apple sweetness and a creamy citrus custard

Taste: A true sipping bourbon with soft lemon custard and baked apple notes layered over a bed of toasted and fresh oak character seasoned with a light dusting of spice

Finish: Rich and smooth with lingering hints of fruit