Crusoe Silver Rum

Founded in 2004, Greenbar Distillery is Los Angeles' first since prohibition and one of the first craft distilleries in the U.S. Greenbar Distillery makes the world’s largest portfolio of delicious, organic spirits. The distillery is committed to sustainability, using only certified organic ingredients to help maintain clean farmland and groundwater and prevent adding artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms to our world; reducing packaging waste and pollution through lightweight bottles and 100-percent post-consume waste recycled labels; and planting one tree per bottle sold in the rain forests of Central America (806,972 trees since 2008).

Crusoe Silver Rum is a new kind of rum that combines the best of traditional rum and modern wine making.

Quick Notes

Nose: Dense sugar aroma

Palate: Mild coconut character

Finish: Caramel, grassy finish

Sugar, color and additive free

40% ABV