Egan's Vintage Grain

Casked in American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of eight years, this single grain Irish whiskey was meticulously hand-selected by Jonathan V. Egan, the sixth generation of a family with whiskey in their blood.

Egan’s Vintage Grain is an exceptionally smooth and characterful single grain Irish whiskey, brimming with charming sweetness and warm spices. It's a celebration of the extraordinary industry and endeavor of Egan's forefathers and their passion for the craft of malting, brewing and bottling.

Egan's Vintage Grain's lighter style compares very favorably to its heavier Pot Still and Single Malt cousins. It lends itself perfectly to making a craft cocktail, with a simple mix, sipped neat or on the rocks.

Quick Notes

Nose: Vanilla, oak fudge, and caramel notes.

Palate: Charming sweetness and smooth vanilla, with a subtle hint of spice. 

Finish: Long, gentle and gaining in warmth.

92 proof