Hard Seltzer Goes Upscale and Shareable

Image: Pomepette

A new hard seltzer is taking the category in a more upscale direction.

Launched this week, Pompette premium “hard sparkling waters” come packaged in 750ml resealable bottles.

The bright labels and light colors of the liquid look similar to wine, the bottles are ideal for sharing, and the flavors are appealing and refreshing.


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Available in Clementine Berry, Cucumber Lime, Lemon Mint, and Rosé Hibiscus, Pompette just lightly tips the scales at 5 percent ABV. Not only is this new entrant in the hard seltzer category sophisticated in appearance, it fits perfectly within the low-ABV trend that has taken hold.

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This new development in hard seltzer grabbed our attention for multiple reasons. First, it’s low proof—sessionable and on trend. More of today’s guests are seeking low-ABV options, one reason hard seltzers have exploded in popularity. They’re doing so well, in fact, that several brewers have entered the space.

Second, the aesthetics. Whether in a casual or more upscale setting, ordering a hard seltzer packaged similarly to wine kicks the guest experience up a level. Serve it tableside in an ice bucket and perceived value increases.

Third, premiumization. Consumers have been drinking better for several years now and that trend doesn’t appear to be losing momentum. This product elevates hard seltzer, leveraging the premiumization trend which should be considered mainstream at this point.

Fourth, it’s approachable. The suggested retail price is affordable—$9.99 to $12.99—meaning it delivers value, and there’s no intimidation factor in ordering a bottle. While I’m not suggesting Pompette is a substitute for wine, those who want what appears to be a wine bottle on their table but aren’t comfortable with a wine list will find this much easier to order.

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And finally, it’s shareable. In its 750ml format, Pompette is made for sharing. The resealable bottle keeps it from going flat quickly, and the packaging basically screams, “Share me!”

Pompette is currently available in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, with plans to ramp up distribution this year.


Pompette website

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