Want a Free Menu Consultation from Chef Brian Duffy? Now’s Your Chance!

Chef Brian Duffy preparing a dish a the Food & Beverage Innovation Conference
Chef Brian Duffy doing his thing at the 2019 F&B Innovation Conference in Las Vegas. Image: Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted your menu read, reviewed and streamlined by a professional chef, your opportunity is here.

Chef Brian Duffy, the host of our Food & Beverage Innovation Conference, will again be reading menus on Instagram Live with Bar & Restaurant’s Jeremiah Batucan.

Last year, Chef Duffy and Batucan read through the menus of three New England Restaurants.

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The restaurants—Dock Street Bar & Grill in Annapolis, Harpoon Hanna’s in Fenwick Island, and Michael’s Café Raw Bar & Grill in Baltimore—submitted their menus. Chef Duffy, assisted by Batucan, read through each section of the menus, providing feedback on the layout and the items themselves.

Now, Chef Duffy is outspoken. He’s passionate about culinary, the restaurant world, helping operators, and the guest experience. He’s opinionated, and he sticks to his opinions.

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What he’s not is meanspirited. For a sense of the harshest criticism during Chef Duffy levied during his Insta Live, see below:

Baby Yoda asking Chef Brian Duffy about chicken nuggets

That’s it. For those who don’t know, Chef Duffy doesn’t think chicken nuggets or chicken fingers should be on every food menu. That is, of course, unless they completely fit the brand or are meant for children. Also, it's your restaurant: you don't have to make any changes you don't want to make.

So, if you’re hesitant to submit your menu because you’re concerned Chef Duffy will rip it apart, don’t worry. While we can’t predict what he’ll say and he’s free-wheeling with his opinions and advice, we can say he just wants owners, operators and chefs to succeed.

Most of what Chef Duffy has to say is centered around menu engineering, maximizing menu real estate, considering costs and sharing his tips for reducing them, elevating food items, and enhancing the guest experience. Essentially, this is free menu consulting from an industry expert.

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If you want Chef Duffy to read your menu and offer his suggestions to improve it, please submit it to Jeremiah Batucan: [email protected]. Not only is it a genuinely fun experience, you’ll leave it with at least one brand-new idea for your business.

To learn more about the chef-driven 2020 Food & Beverage Innovation Conference, co-located with the 2020 Nightclub & Bar Show, click here. To get your tickets, register today!


Dock Street Bar & Grill website

Harpoon Hanna’s

Michael’s Café Raw Bar & Grill

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