The Cedars Social Puts a New Spin on the Cocktail Den

The Cedars Social in Dallas opened its doors to rave reviews and large crowds, and just in time for the Super Bowl. Owner and former NFL star Brian Williams created this informal yet fashionable cocktail den to allow guests to enjoy handcrafted cocktails by master mixologist Michael Martensen and modern American comfort food by Chef John Tesar.
The Cedars Social

Williams acquired his passion for architecture and design of bars and restaurants during extensive travels across the United States, and it is apparent throughout the venue. The playful indoor/outdoor environment is a unique dichotomy of reclaimed industrial materials and mid-century architecture accented with vintage furnishings. A large circular fireplace serves as the focal point in the dining area, and the ambiance offers the best of both worlds with a warm, cozy cocktail den and an open patio with a dazzling view of downtown Dallas.

The Russian Standard Vodka Supper Bowl, a pre-opening dinner series for Super Bowl XLV week, featured special dinners prepared by renowned chefs Tim Byres, Tiffany Derry, John Tesar and Matt McCallister, and received accolades from guests and critics alike.

Williams credits the success of his opening week to The Cedars Social team and the connections he has made throughout his football career with the Green Bay Packers, as well as the timing of opening during a huge event -- the Super Bowl. Williams and Martensen are striving for their creation to become one of the most recognized cocktail bars in the country with an approach that involves staying authentic and sticking to high standards. But being well connected also helps.

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