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LA jams was conceived in May 2012 by Levi Lupercio, a 16 year veteran bartender. Though Levi loves inventing new drinks, he tends to hand off the drink naming to others. This particular name comes from the Oprah-featured Laura Ann’s jam used in the cocktail. Friends refer to Laura Ann as LA, a former punk-rock drummer turned jam-maker.

This concoction is a real family affair. Even the pastry department is in on it. A hard candy garnish is made fresh before each shift. Each piece is etched, then shaped with an artistic vision in mind. Levi’s slave driver, wrangler, and sidekick — General Manager Luis Villaneda can take some credit for the high number of new drinks Levi cranks out. Levi is encouraged to come up with something new every few weeks. The most popular drinks graduate to the permanent menu.

Ingredients: Sombra Mezcal, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, pineapple Juice, lime juice, Laura Ann’s Raspberry-Habanero Jam, Muddled Lime andOrange, and a rock candy garnish.

Served by bartender: Levi Lupercio

Lots of drinks claim to taste like honey. This one actually does. Actually, it’s better. It walks the tightrope between sweet and sour, letting you settle on the sweet. The zingy 7-Up makes sure it’s not flat. Keeps you on your toes. One of those rare finds so fun to drink, you must have two. So hard to describe, and so very lovely.

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