From Garnish to Bar God: Pineapple Flexes its Flavor Muscles

La Piña Swizzle, en fuego. Image: Winnie’s Jazz Bar inside Refinery Hotel

The spiked symbol of our industry—the pineapple—is seeing a surge of popularity. This boost in interest in pineapple appears to go hand in hand with the rise of Tiki culture.

Sweet, tart and acidic, pineapple is becoming both a cocktail and culinary rock star. This comes to no surprise to Tiki bar fanatics, of course. But it has taken quite some time for the tropical plant, its juice and its fruit to catch on at other types of bars.

Patrón saw the pineapple trend coming, launching Patrón Citrónge Pineapple last month. The newest addition to the Citrónge lineup is a liqueur made with sweet Piña Miel pineapples and Patrón Silver.

Those who attended Tales of the Cocktail last week had the opportunity to try Citrónge Pineapple both on its own and in cocktails. One sip and this new liqueur transports you to an island paradise while causing your mind to reel with cocktail recipe possibilities.

And since today is National Tequila Day, there's no better time to give your guests the opportunity to celebrate the holiday and enjoy an on-trend cocktail.

“Pineapple continues to be a hot trend both in culinary and mixology, and increased interest in innovative and delicious cocktails, particularly in the Tiki movement, is further driving momentum of this very flavorful tropical fruit,” said Lee Applbaum, global chief marketing officer at Patrón Spirits. “Patrón Citrónge Pineapple is a perfect addition to the Citrónge family; it pairs beautifully with tequila, and it has a tremendously versatile flavor profile that makes it an excellent addition to a wide variety of handcrafted cocktails.”

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Lime and lemon will always be the king and queen of the cocktail scene. But pineapple—even though it isn’t a citrus fruit like its counterparts—is proving a worthy challenger to the throne. This is a flavor trend with staying power that has found favor within and outside of the Tiki Movement. Don't fall behind and miss out. Check out the two cocktails below for pineapple tipple inspiration.


La Piña Swizzle at Winnie’s Jazz Bar inside Refinery Hotel

La Piña Swizzle

Recipe and image courtesy of Winnie’s Jazz Bar inside Refinery Hotel

Combine ingredients in a shaker tin and whip shake with crushed ice. Pour into a Collins glass or your favorite tiki mug and pack with crushed ice. Garnish with three pineapple fronds and an absinthe-soaked pineapple slice. Char slice to order.

For the Pineapple Sage Syrup:

  • 1 qt. Water
  • 1 qt. Sugar
  • 1 qt. Pineapple juice
  • 4 grams Sage

Bring water and sugar to boil then remove from heat.  Add sage and let steep for 5 minutes.  Remove sage and add pineapple juice.

Patrón Mini Pineapple Piña Colada by Cody Goldstein for the The Fat Monk

Patrón Mini Pineapple Piña Colada

Recipe by Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories; Image: The Fat Monk

  • 2 oz. Patrón Reposado
  • 0.5 oz. Patrón Citrónge Pineapple
  • 2 oz. Pineapple juice
  • 1 oz. Passionfruit juice
  • 1 oz.  Cinnamon cream of coconut
  • 0.5 oz. Lime juice
  • 2 dashes Pecan bitters
  • Miniature pineapples to garnish
  • Pineapple fronds to garnish

Add all ingredients to a shaker and fill halfway with ice. Shake for 5 seconds and double strain into a hollowed-out pineapple with ice. Take the top and cut off the spikes and leave a 2-inch hole in the middle. Take mini pineapples and stack on top.

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