Frozen or On the Rocks for National Tequila Day?

Latin Trifecta
Created by Jamie Boudreau

1 oz Espolón Blanco Tequila
1 oz Cynar
1/2 oz Oloroso Sherry
3 Dashes Orange Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a flamed orange twist.

Latin Trifecta

South of No North
Created by Chris Langston

1 1/2 oz Espolón Reposado Tequila
1/2 oz Cynar
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
1 oz Coffee (Dark Roast preferred)
1 Egg White

Combine all ingredients, dry shake, and then shake with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with chocolate bitters.

south of no north

Manny's Sparkler
Created by Manny Hinojosa, Bacardi Portfolio Mixologist

1 oz. Culinary Traditions Cherry Puree, thawed
1 ½ oz. Corzo Silver Tequila
½ oz. Campari
1 ½ oz. ruby red grapefruit juice
¾ oz. agave nectar
¾ oz. fresh lime juice
Orange slice, for garnish
Fresh berries, for garnish

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass. Add ice, shake and strain into a tall glass with fresh ice. Garnish with an orange slice and fresh berries

manny's sparkler

Pink Lion
Created by resident mixologist Dante Lopresti for Double A at Mercadito in Chicago.

1 oz Cazadores Blanco
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz St-Germain Elderflower liqueur
1/2 oz Lillet Blanc
1/2 oz Hum Liqueur

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake well and strain over ice. Garnish with lemon twist.

pink lion

Created by Suerte Tequila

2 oz Suerte Tequila Blanco
2 oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice
2 oz Fresh Orange Juice
Juice from 1/2 Lemon
Juice from 1/2 Lime
1 tbs Agave Nectar

Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour all of the ingredients into the glass. Mix thoroughly. Garnish with an orange wedge.


Armadillos Tea
Created by Armadillos Tequila

2 oz Peach Tea
1 1/4 oz Dos Armadillos Reposado
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Agave Nectar
.5 oz unfiltered Apple Juice

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into cocktail glass.

armadillos tea

Watermelon Margarita
Created by Suerte Tequila

2 oz Suerte Tequila Blanco
8 oz Fresh Watermelon Juice
1 tbs Agave Nectar
Juice of 1 Lime

Puree the watermelon if needed. Mix the tequila, watermelon juice, agave nectar and the lime juice together. Fill two rocks glasses with ice and pour the mixture into the glasses. Garnish with a watermelon wedge.

watermelon margarita

Tequila Sunset
Created by Espolón Tequila

1 ½  oz. Espolón Blanco Tequila
1 oz. Pomegranate Juice
½ oz. Framboise Liqueur
¾ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz. Agave Nectar
3 oz. Soda Water
Lemon Twist (garnish)

Place Espolón, Lemon Juice, and Agave Nectar in a shaker with ice, shake vigorously and strain over fresh ice into a Collins glass. Stir in Soda Water, and top with Framboise and Pomegranate. Mix into drink and serve with a lemon twist.

tequila sunset

Not Just Any Sangrita
Created by Hornitos Tequila

6 Parts Hornitos Plata Tequila
5 Parts Tomato Juice
5 Parts Pineapple Juice
1 Part Fresh-Squeezed Lime Juice
Teaspoon of Hot Sauce 
1 Pinch of Salt
4 Mexican Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon Crushed Garlic 

Mix ingredients 2-8 well; chill in the fridge. Serve in a tall shot glass. For best flavor, make a day before serving. Serve your freshly-made Sangrita with a smooth shot of Hornitos Plata Tequila. Sip alternately.

hornitos shot metal



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