[Infographic] The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes

Image: WineBags.com

Storytelling. It's an art and it's inexorably woven into the fabric of our industry. Every bar, every brand, every guest has a story. Diving deep, beverage alcohol itself is loaded with history, myth, innuendo, rumor and conjecture. Plunge deeper still and you'll find a compelling story behind every category and sub-category of alcohol.

Great operators, bartenders and servers know how to tell the story of their brand and the products they sell. Storytelling is a crucial component of sales, marketing, guest engagement and customer loyalty. So, how well do you know the stories of spirits, beer and wine? How well do your guest-facing employees know the ingredients and production processes of various beverage alcohol categories? The infographic below is an excellent tool you and your staff can use to boost your beverage alcohol IQ, engage guests, upsell orders and boost sales.

From Melissa Hardman of WineBags.com and the Vine Daily: "For tens of thousands of years, alcohol has been an important aspect of different cultures all over the world. Alcohol has been used for many purposes during its long and important history including medicinal, antiseptic, cultural, religious, recreational and so on. These wines, beers, liquors, fermented beverages and distilled spirits are made using a wide variety of different processes and because different regions are historically limited to the natural resources that are locally available, they vary widely in ingredients, flavor and alcohol content. Join this infographic on a visual tour of the fermented delights and distilled wonders that are consumed around the globe."


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