Kickstart(er) My Heart: Crowdfund These Canned Whiskey Cocktails

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Consumers are thirsty for all types of beverage alcohol that comes conveniently in a can.

As we reported previously, canned wine, over the course of just one week last year, saw sales growth of 56.5 percent.

Hard seltzer, during the same timeframe, saw even more explosive growth, increasing dollar sales by 150 percent. Those cans full of spiked seltzer captured more than $16 million.

We’re still awaiting the numbers for hard seltzer, canned wine, and other canned beverage alcohol products to see how they’ve displaced beer sales just for the Fourth of July. Data focused on consumer trends and sales points to canned adult beverages continuing to grow and wrestle dollars away from other categories.

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While we wait for those numbers to be crunched, let’s take a look at a fun and innovative opportunity in the canned beverage space: Whiskey In A Can’s line-expanding Kickstarter campaign. Given the success of the Forge Clear Ice System crowdfunding project—they reached their goal within hours of its launch—a number of our readers enjoy backing innovative bar, restaurant and nightclub products.

Not too long ago, canned cocktails were subject to skepticism, dismissal and ridicule. But as technology, innovation, and dedication to crafting quality products has improved, so has the drinkability of canned cocktails. Hochstadter’s Slow and Low Rock & Rye and Cutwater’s Black Skimmer Bourbon Whiskey Highball are just two examples of the leaps forward whiskey-based RTDs have made recently. Stolen Spirits announced earlier this year that their new Stolen X Rock & Rye will eventually come to market as an RTD.

Whiskey In A Can debuted their first product last year: HIghball. As its name indicates, this is a whiskey cocktail infused with ginger, lime and refreshing soda. The brand takes pride in explaining that their product is made with “a selection of the best aged whiskey” and what they feel is the ideal amount of soda to be a refreshing sip.

Now, we’re all told not to judge books based on covers, or wine based on labels. Well, consumers eat and drink with their eyes first. Winemakers understand people can be swayed to try their wines based on the attractiveness of their labels. Whiskey In A Can’s cans are attractive, easily capable of catching a guest’s eye. Serve the can dressed up with a steel or paper straw and a garnish and their eyes will be pleased before they take their first sip, and other guests will likely inquire about it.

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But their cans are much more than just pretty packaging. Whiskey In A Can is focused on more than just filling a consumer desire to quench their thirst with canned adult drinks—they’re committed to sustainability. Cans are widely accepted to be safer for the environment than bottles: they have a smaller carbon footprint, require less packaging for transportation, and are made with more recycled materials.

Whiskey In A Can takes their canned packaging one step further for the environment with their use of the Eco 6 Pack Ring, or E6PR. This type of 6-pack ring is biodegradable and compostable. When E6PR is disposed of properly—sent to a composting facility—the material breaks down in a matter of days. If E6PR is disposed of improperly, say by being tossed into a water system or otherwise treated like litter on land, it degrades in weeks. And if it’s ingested by wildlife, the fact that it’s made with compostable organic materials means it won’t cause harm.

Whiskey In A Can's new flavors: New Fashioned, Cali Mule and Bourbon Lemonade

Whiskey In A Can is an independent startup and, as such, is turning to Kickstarter to help add three new flavors to their lineup:

  • Bourbon Lemonade (lemon and lavender)
  • Cali Mule (grapefruit and ginger)
  • New Fashioned (orange and bitters)

The project seeks to raise $25,000 by Sunday, July 21. As of July 13, 26 backers had pledged more than $10,000. To learn more about and support this project before time runs out, click here.

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