Less is More: Jose Cuervo Serves Up an Under 100 Calorie Ready-to-Serve Light Margarita

NEW YORK -- Jose Cuervo, the leader in innovation for premium ready-to-serve Margarita cocktails, announces the launch of Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita. Mixed to perfection, Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita packs the same great taste as the original but with fewer than 100 calories per serving.

Jose Cuervo

The perfect complement to summer, Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita is made ready-to-serve, using Jose Cuervo Especial Gold, the No. 1-selling Tequila in the world, triple sec and a twist of lime.  By containing fewer calories per serving than most wines or beers, the newest product from Cuervo offers consumers a delicious, lower calorie beverage to enjoy responsibly – just in time for summer. Also launching is the Jose Cuervo brand's non-alcoholic, "Zero Calorie" Margarita Mix, allowing consumers to mix their own perfect margaritas.

"The Margarita has long been the most popular drink in America and as the original Tequila creator with more than 250 years of expertise, Jose Cuervo makes the most authentic Margaritas," said Ami-Lynn Bakshi, VP Marketing of Jose Cuervo Tequilas, Diageo. "The new Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita with fewer than 100 calories per serving and Zero Calorie Margarita Mix both provide the same great taste, but without the guilt.  We know our consumers will enjoy Cuervo's newest offerings responsibly."

Also joining the Jose Cuervo ready-to-serve family is Jose Cuervo Authentic Watermelon Margarita. Combining the zesty flavors of watermelon and lime, Jose Cuervo Authentic Watermelon Margarita brings mouth-watering flavor to the Authentic Margarita portfolio which includes, Jose Cuervo Authentic Classic Lime Margaritas, Jose Cuervo Authentic Mango Margaritas, Jose Cuervo Authentic Strawberry-Lime Margaritas, Jose Cuervo Authentic Pomegranate Margaritas and Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita.

Like the brand's other ready-to-serve offerings, Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita and Jose Cuervo Authentic Watermelon Margarita come in lightweight plastic (polyethylene terephthalate or PET) bottles, which make creating word-class margaritas simple whether at home or at barbeques with friends.

The launch will be supported by an integrated marketing effort that includes promotions, public relations, merchandising and sampling events (where legal) in addition to digital media.

Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita and Jose Cuervo Authentic Watermelon Margarita will be available in stores selling liquor nationwide.

Jose Cuervo reminds you that sometimes less is more, and not just when it comes to calories in your margarita: please drink responsibly.


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