Mandala Down

In 2007, Greg Hawkins opened Mandala Lounge in San Mateo, CA. When Mandala Lounge first opened they were the only bar that was providing custom cocktails. Unfortunately, Greg’s success was not long lived. With the economy crash in January 2008, Mandala Lounge went from bringing in a little over $60,000 a month to $24,000. Despite Greg’s experience in other bars and nightclubs he couldn’t pull the lounge out of the whole they found themselves in. As the business fell apart, Greg began to take more and more of his frustration out on his staff and Greg’s step son Angelo took the brunt of it.

Greg thinks that his drink creations are top notch. He’s one of those managers who is constantly looking over your shoulder every three seconds to see what you’re doing. But, when put to the test by Jon Taffer he failed miserably on executing standard bartending techniques. His arrogance and know it all attitude is perpetuating his failure. 

Moving forward the bartenders and Greg need to pay special attention to the recipes and details in addition to staying organized. 2014 Speed Rack Champion Mia Mastroianni starts off her training by correcting some glaring mistakes that the bartenders and Greg are making. After correcting the classic mistakes being made, Mia gets to work training the staff on proper technique and speed that will allow them to properly execute the new beverage menu that Taffer and his team have planned.

Once the staff has been trained, Taffer can start the renovation. Therefore, the team gets started re-facing the outside and redesigning the inside to make the venue seem much larger than it is. Bringing in all of the illusion and spaciousness of a luxury high-rise, Taffer transformed Mandala Lounge into the 38th Floor Bar. The new concept did $1,100 dollars their first hour open. Six weeks after the re-launch, with Greg’s ego in check, sales are up 40%, Angelo was promoted to Manager and Greg has hired an additional two female bartenders. 

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