PaQui Tequila Suggests Top 10 Holiday Tequila Cocktails and Food Pairings

LOS ANGELES, CA.  PaQuí (Pa’Key), which means “to be happy” in the native Aztec tongue, a new luxury tequila, suggests the top ten favorite cocktails amongst tequila aficionados, plus suggested food pairings for PaQuí Tequila.  Always enjoyed best with the superior taste of PaQuí Tequila, the following were compiled by's Michelle Foley.  They are some of the best tequila recipes.  PaQuí is also enjoyed with traditional holiday meals and we've listed some suggested food pairings as well.


1.  The Perfect Margarita.  The basic Margarita we all know and love, best served with PaQuí Silvera.


2.  Red Chile-Guava Margarita from Public Restaurant in New York. The homemade Chile-Infused Tequila gives it a kick.


3.  The Paloma.  Adam Geenen, general manager of the Salud Tequila Lounge in Chicago, recommends the Paloma, a traditional Mexican cocktail. Use PaQuí Silvera tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit soda-simple and delicious.


4.   The Copa Verde.  Legendary mixologist Dale DeGroff developed the Copa

Verde, a light, creamy blend of tequila, lime, agave syrup, and avocado. In this case, blending is necessary. Degroff likes to serve this at the start of a meal-part shooter, part amuse-bouche.


5.   The Bloody Maria.  Use PaQuí Silvera instead of vodka and enjoy a Bloody

Maria with extra zing!


6.  Zapatos Nuevos.  San Francisco's Tres Agaves has a concoction called Zapatos Nuevos (New Shoes).  It's a traditional Mexican agua fresco (fruit flavored drink), spiked with delicious PaQuí Silvera.  Very light and refreshing.


7.  La Pinela.  From New York's Rosa Mexicano comes La Pinela, a spicy blend with tropical juices served in a cinnamon-sugar rimmed glass.  PaQuí Reposado.


8. The Mango Margarita from Karu&Y in Miami.  Very much like the original margarita but served with fresh mango and PaQuí Silvera for that extra tropical freshness.


9.  The Santa Maria.  Duggan McDonnell, master mixologist behind San Francisco's Cantina, gave us his recipe for the Santa Maria. It's not too sweet, and the ginger beer and clove-based Falernum give it an aromatic dryness.


10.  The Añejo Manhattan.  From Nick Tarsi, the bar director at Zolo Grill in Boulder, comes the classic Manhattan but with tequila! A new found classic. Be sure to use PaQuí Añejo for this one.



"Most of the chefs whose restaurants serve PaQuí agree on a simple formula for pairing dishes with tequila." says Dr. Javier Martinez, Founder and President of Tequila Holdings Inc., makers of PaQuí. He adds "The sharp, clean taste of PaQuí Silvera is a perfect complement to citrus dishes, seafood specialties, and most acidic salad dressings.


Below are a few suggestions:


PaQuí Silvera.  Lobster and Shrimp with butter, lime cilantro sauce.  Start your meal with a snifter of ice cold PaQuí Silvera and taste the lobster, shrimp and citrus flavors come alive!


PaQuí Reposado.  Roasted Rosemary Turkey or Roast Loin of Pork with Pistachio, Cranberry Dressing.  The savory taste of Reposado will add to the comfort of all your winter holiday meals.


PaQuí Añejo.  As an opener with creamy soups or to accompany desserts such as crème brulee, sip PaQuí Añejo for that warm, satisfied feeling.


And, of course, PaQuí’s superior taste is always best enjoyed by itself.  The reason?  Because our master distiller uses an elaborate process called Selective Distillation that separates the heart of the distillation and selects only the superior flavors and aromas, leaving a very pure tequila of exceptional character and drinkability.



PaQuí Tequila is the brainchild of Dr. Javier Martinez, Founder & President of Tequila Holdings, Inc., owner of PaQuí Luxury Tequila.  Made from only the finest 100% blue agave and distilled by masters in Mexico’s TequilaValley, PaQuí is the result of years of research and development devoted to the creation of a superior luxury tequila for the discriminating American consumer.  PaQuí’s Selective Distillation process ensures that only the finest flavors and aromas of the agave are selected to create the crisp and aromatic PaQuí Silvera, one of the finest tequilas ever created.

Dr. Martinez is considered an authority on all issues pertaining to the tequila industry from production to regulation and marketing.  He served for two consecutive terms as the head of the International Affairs Committee of Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council in 2001 and 2002, an internationally recognized private, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the quality, culture and prestige of tequila in Mexico and throughout the world.  His family has been involved in the liquor industry in Mexico at the wholesale and production levels for over 40 years.

John Chappell, Founder & Vice President Brand Development of Tequila Holdings, Inc.  He is a senior marketing executive with over twenty years experience building brands in the alcoholic beverage industry. He has conducted growth strategies, brand turnarounds and new product development for major brands throughout his career. He served as Senior VP Marketing at United States Beverage and prior to that was VP Marketing at Banfi Vintners. He also served as VP Brand Development at Boston beer Company during its most rapid growth phase and dominance in the craft beer segment with the Samuel Adams brand. As Director Brand Management at Labatt USA, Mr. Chappell developed the growth strategies that resulted in the turnaround of Rolling Rock beer. He started his career at Pepsico working on the marketing of Stolichnaya vodka. He holds a degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Larry Steitz, Founder & Vice President of Sales & Distribution for Tequila Holdings, Inc.  Mr. Steitz has extensive sales and marketing experience in the beverage industry (wine and spirits) in both wholesale and supplier channels. Mr. Steitz served as General Manager of Haas Bros. Distributing in Northern California, and as Vice President of Sales for Jim Beam Brands covering the east and west coast markets. Mr. Steitz has valuable hands-on experience in the development of spirit products and the development and execution of marketing and sales strategies. In addition to his involvement in the wine and spirits industries, Mr. Steitz was the managing partner in the Fresno Falcons, Inc., a professional hockey team that plays in the West Coast Hockey League.  Mr. Steitz attended California State University Fresno.

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