Wait, WHAT Water?

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We’re all familiar with the story of water being turned into wine. But what about the other way around?

Consumer interest in healthier living, the sober curious movement, and the desire to try (some would say obsession with) what’s next have come together to bring a new product to the U.S.: water infused with wine flavor.

In other words, I once again find myself using the words “the next and “big thing.” Non-alcohol water that tastes like wine may very likely be the next fad to take hold in the U.S.A.

O.Vine Wine Essence Water is alcohol-free, low-calorie water with antioxidants. The wine-flavored waters the brand produces also feature a green component: upcycling.

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Grape skins and seeds left over from the winemaking process at Galil Mountain Winery, a renowned Israeli winery, would normally be considered waste. Instead, O.Vine upcycles the skins and seeds to infuse water with wine flavors and aromas.

These wine waters serve consumers on multiple levels. First, the days of sober bar, nightclub and restaurant guests settling for tap water, sugary sodas or juices are basically over. These waters provide some different and more compelling.

Second, as O.Vine’s CEO Anat Levi explained to Good Morning America, these waters are “for people that cannot drink alcohol and actually for people that don’t drink water.” Yes, believe it or not, there are people out there who just don’t like drinking unflavored water. O.Vine serves the sober, sober curious, and pregnant, along with those who just want a refreshing, flavored, alcohol-free beverage.

Third, not all health-conscious guests are looking to purchase and sip traditional bottled waters. They don’t all want a mocktail, either. Alcohol-free flavored waters like O.Vine serve fit their wants and needs.

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Fourth, the upcycled nature of O.Vine’s waters speaks to those committed to supporting responsible brands dedicated to sustainable business practices. Today’s guest expects transparency from the brands they support, and they want the bars, nightclubs and restaurants they visit to support those brands as well.

The core lineup consists of two still wine-infused waters—White Wine Essence and Red Wine Essence—and two “gently” sparkling waters, also White Wine Essence and Red Wine Essence. Two new additions are Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Essence and Chardonnay Wine Essence.

Now that wine has been turned into water, operators have one more way to turn water into money.

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