Learn to Deliver World-class Guest Experiences from Dante NYC

Image: Dante NYC

Italian-themed aperitivo bar Dante in New York City claimed the top spot on the 50 World’s Best Bars list in October of last year. Since opening in 2015, Dante has regularly found itself on best bars lists. Accolades are all well and good, but how did this bar reach such stellar heights in the first place?

Dante owner Linden Pride will take the NxT stage at the 2020 Nightclub & Bar Show to tell the story of what it took to open and grow the world’s best bar. What was the mindset going in? What challenges were overcome?

In a separate session, Pride will share his approach to Dante’s guest experience. After all, you don’t become the world’s best without knowing how to anticipate and deliver on guest needs. he has learned several lessons since opening Dante in 2015 in one of the world’s most competitive—and difficult to please—markets, so he'll share his guest experience tactics during this informative presentation.

You don’t want to miss these opportunities to take away top tips and strategies from the top bar in the world. Register today and add these two invaluable sessions to your calendar.

Follow this link to check out Dante.

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