Hard Frescos Sparkling Aguas Frescas

Introducing the first hard sparkling aguas frescas. Hard Frescos co-founders Mauro Gomez and Peter Stearns have been following their family traditions of producing hand-crafted products for decades. In 1959, Mauro’s grandfather founded ‘La Reina’, the queen of tortillerías, located in East Los Angeles. Peter’s grandfather, a second-generation immigrant chef, introduced him to the kitchen at the age of five. Today, Mauro and Peter are excited to share with you their deep appreciation of family tradition and Latin culture.

Rather than adding a ton of artificial sweeteners, Hard Frescos uses a small amount of real GMO-free cane sugar to give their hard sparkling aguas frescas a touch of sweetness to complement each flavor. These unique canned beverages are also low-carb and gluten free, and their alcohol is from fermented GMO-free cane sugar, sparkling water, real fruits or botanicals, and natural flavors.

Flavor Lineup

Hibiscus (5.7% ABV): Hibiscus flowers look good, but they taste even better in Hard Frescos' hard aguas frescas. They brewed the flavorful flower with natural pomegranate, cherry and cranberry flavors for a rich finish and a color that looks as great as it tastes.

Guava Citrus (5.7% ABV): Mother Nature’s tropical superfruit. A blend of citrus and real pink guava are added into every batch for a flavor that’s bold and colorful. There’s a reason this is Hard Frescos' flagship hard agua fresca—it's crisp, fruity, and damn-near perfect.

Cucumber Lime (6% ABV): Hard Frescos has a crush on cucumber. And lime. So they crushed up that cucumber and blended it with the lime (along with other citrus fruits) for a hard agua fresca that makes for the ultimate refreshment.

Tamarind (5.7% ABV): One of nature’s best kept secrets serves as the star for Hard Frescos' tart and sweet hard agua fresca. You may have never heard of the tropical tamarind, but you certainly won’t forget it after tasting this underdog fruit in this sparkling hard agua fresca.

Available in 12-oz. and 19.2-oz. cans.