Henry's Hard Sparkling Water

At just 88 calories per 12-oz. slim can, Henry's Hard Sparkling Water is a refreshing alternative to beer, cocktails and wine. Henry's has zero grams of sugar, 1.6 grams of carbs, and less than a gram of protein. Weighing in at just 4.2% ABV, these hard sparkling waters are sessionable.

Available in 6 refreshing flavors that appeal to adventurous, curious and health-conscious consumers.

Blueberry Lemon: A subtle burst of blueberry flavor balanced with a hint of lemon notes.

Pineapple: Not too sweet. Not too tart. With just the right amount of each, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water Pineapple is your one way ticket to the tropics.

Lemon Lime: The aroma of lemon zest and lime makes way for a slightly tart and citrusy taste.

Strawberry Kiwi: What happens when sweet strawberry flavor meets tangy kiwi flavor? The deliciously refreshing and light Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water Strawberry Kiwi.

Passion Fruit: Hints of passion fruit flavor and an aroma of berry notes keep it balanced and a little tart, all at the same time.

Peach Mango: Peach-forward flavor complemented by refreshing mango notes.