The History of Lovers Rose Gin

Hand-crafted alembic spirit using 100% apple wine from fresh pressed apple juice distilled in American made copper pot stills. No neutral spirits are used in the double distillation of The History of Lovers, a uniquely fragrant American craft spirit from Copper & Kings.

This is a love letter. Romantic. Fresh-cut, richly fragrant roses, ever so soft and subtle, with round red fruit sweetness. Smooth, balanced and refreshing with beautifully integrated rose bouquet and zesty, crisp botanicals. As delicious as it is attractive to the eye. An authentic luxury spirit.

Crushed whole juniper berries together with rose hips, rose water, sweet orange, tangerine, lime and pink grapefruit peels, alongside jasmine and lavender petals, coriander, pink pepper corns and licorice root, are macerated in apple brandy low-wine, then re-distilled together with vapor distilled rose hips, and pink grapefruit peels in the gin basket. A flash post distillation maceration of rose hips, hibiscus petals and strawberry juice concentrate for color and perfume.

Non-chill filtered to maximize the retention and concentration of rose perfume, with juniper and light botanical flavors shining with layered complexity. May develop a faint cloudy haze or suspension at colder temperatures and in the glass.

Designed to make a fragrant Gin & Tonic, a perfumed and refreshing sparkling Spritz, a subtly elegant Negroni, a beautiful Martini, and to take you as far as your imagination leads. It will always provide delicious refreshment.