This is the 30th Anniversary of Nightclub & Bar

Nightclub & Bar 2015 represented the 30th anniversary of the convention and trade show. Needless to say, this is huge and Jon Taffer was rightfully excited when he took the stage to welcome an overflowing room to Nightclub & Bar Show.

"This is the 30th anniversary of Nightclub & Bar,” Jon enthused, “Thirty years!" When the show first started, he explained, he was one of a mere six people who had founded it. There were only about 22 booths on the Exhibitor Floor. But then, it started rocking. It took years for it to grow but this year’s show featured over 700 booths. That’s 700-plus booths spanning every category of the hospitality industry! The NCB show has attracted major sponsors like Heineken, Beam Suntory and Cîroc over the years. The vision of the show, Jon told the eager audience, is simple: "Where do we go to learn? How do we connect with one another? Addressing the recession and how 10% of the bars across the country closed, Jon pointed out that the people in the room were all survivors; they had made it to the show, their competitors had not. 

"We are faced with exceptional opportunities these next few years," said Jon in terms of the demographic that created the most buzz at this year’s show: the Millennials. We are all going to have to understand that how we communicate with the marketplace is completely different than it ever was before. “Millennials don't give a damn about legacy brands. They don't care about the past. They care about what's happening now,” explained Jon of this game-changing demographic. So, there’s the challenge: How do you capture them? How do you get your hands in their pockets and keep them there? We stick together, we share ideas and we grow. We have to be proud of our industry, embrace our stories, embrace our egos and offer better everything. And, collectively, we have to stand up and defend the industry to survive and succeed.

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