Breakout Session Preview: Promos to Put Cheeks in Seats

Image: The City Grill

There are 4 specific promotional tactics you should focus on that will help drive revenue into your venue. We’re not talking about social media, print, TV, radio or any of the standard tactics, but about utilizing local hotels to drive tourists, using your front door counter to determine marketing trends, the importance of a customer database, and the popular “Outreach Program.”

The Outreach Program is a system that I have put in place at my 5 establishments in South Western Ontario, which helps you organize and drive off-night events and large group functions. Group bookings should be a large part of your business, and sometimes it is not enough to wait for the phone to ring. This program will help you go directly to these groups and put them in your venue, spending money.

From charity groups to student organizations, local sports teams to fraternities and sororities, there are hundreds of different groups that you can approach to host an event at your venue. At the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, we will discuss what you can offer these organizations to make them start calling you to host their events, along with how to approach them.

Whether we’re talking about a small 20-person group from a university or a 500-person charity event, every patron that you bring through the doors with the Outreach Program is a potential life-long customer. Not only is there that potential, you’re driving new customers into your venue to experience what you have to offer, creating instant buzz and direct word-of-mouth advertising to their peers.

Outside of the benefits of driving new customers from these groups, there is the obvious benefit of putting cash in your tills, possibly on a night that you would have been closed or experienced limited sales. Booking one group per week can increase your revenue by possibly thousands of dollars each week.

Promos to Put Cheeks in Seats” is going to break away from the go-to advertising strategies that many bars and nightclubs use and instead discuss how you can put customers into your venue through alternative strategies that your competition is not implementing. I look forward to seeing you at the Nightclub & Bar Convention 2016.

Join Andrew at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at 10:00AM in room N119. Use code SAVE30BARNEWS when you register to receive $30 off your pass!

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