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10 Best Mixed Drinks From Chain Restaurants

I’m here to put my dependency to work for you with a list of my favorite cocktails at the most popular chain restaurants in the country. Don’t just stare at all the pretty pictures on the beverage menu only to settle on your go to. Try one of these beverages and make the most out of your chain grub experience. READ MORE>>

PepsiCo extends its reach with Stubborn Soda

PepsiCo is extending its reach in the craft beverage market with Stubborn Soda, which is expected to launch in food service outlets this year. The launch will follow that of Caleb’s Kola (which hit shelves in October 2014) and citrus drink Mountain Dew Dewshire (released in March of this year). READ MORE>> 

Tea and other beverages take advantage of alcohol consumption decline

An alternative to alcohol comes from an unlikely source – tea – and the offer in the market is evolving accordingly, according to market researchers Mintel. Two-thirds of tea drinkers in the UK think the beverage is a good alternative to alcohol: meaning to sector could benefit from declining alcohol consumption. READ MORE>>

The World’s Most Popular Alcohol Brands

An annual study of the most chosen fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) brands globally, Kantar’s analysis looks at real consumer behaviour rather than attitude to compile its findings. Using its own unique metric, Consumer Reach Points (CRPs), it looks at penetration (how many households buy a brand), frequency (how many times they buy it) and population. The measurement is weighted by the country’s population to calculate the brand’s reach. Because of this metric Kantar’s Brand Footprint is a measure of actual consumer behaviour, rather than surveying consumers about their attitudes to a particular brand. READ MORE>>

Minibar Delivery Launches On-Demand Platform

Minibar Delivery -- the fast-growing technology company that provides on-demand access to wine, liquor, beer and more -- announced its expansion to three new markets: San Diego,Denver and Minneapolis. The launch also marks the beginning of a collaboration with Absolut Vodka with the introduction of their new product Oak by Absolut.  Oak by Absolut is a new product from Absolut combining original Absolut vodka, barrel rested vodka, and vodka rested on oak, which is being introduced exclusively in these three cities this summer. READ MORE>>

Government invents car with built-in breathalyzer

Some members of Congress are already fans of the “DADDS” – Driver Alcohol Detection System – feature that has been installed in the car, which checks the driver’s blood alcohol level in their breath and skin before the car will start. READ MORE>>

Bar Louie Opening New Location in Allen, TX with $2 Martinis

Bar Louie announced today the opening of their newest location in Allen, TX.  When Bar Louie opens its doors on June 4th, it will be the 6th Dallas/Fort Worth location for the Addison, TX-based brand.  Bar Louie Allen is conveniently located at the intersection of Hwy 75 and Stacy Road in The Village at Allen. READ MORE>>

Ten-year deal for CCA and Beam Suntory

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) and Beam Suntory have strengthened their existing relationship by signing a new 10-year agreement, which is due to commence on 1 July. The deal is an extension of the partnership which already exists between the two companies, furthering their agreement by an extra two years. READ MORE>>

The Rhyme and Reason of Wine Display

I’ve often wondered why certain bottles end up in the front of a wine shop. Is it because they‘re exceptionally good deals or because they’re ones that the store owner wants to close out? Are they perennial best-sellers, neighborhood favorites or simply seasonal selections? READ MORE>>

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