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5 Year Fruit Beverage Projections

This report delivers the details on juices, juice blends, refrigerated, shelf stable, concentrates, organic, trends by brand, flavors, packaging and much more. Provides topline global data as well as projections for the U.S. market. Also breaks out nectars and superpremium juice as well as from-concentrate and not-from-concentrate juice. Looks at key industry issues and discusses emerging sub-sectors such as light/low-calorie juices and drinks. Contains five-year projections. Read More>>

Meadowlark Brewing Moves into Cans

To make its beers more accessible to consumers, Meadowlark Brewing has expanded into Rexam 12 oz. cans. Two of its core brews are available for the first time in this convenient, single-serve package. BADLANDS Extra Pale Ale incorporates the malt profile of an easy-drinking pale ale with the aroma and flavor of an IPA. Badlands pours a golden orange color with a nose of citrus and tropical fruits. OLE GUS Scotch Rye Wee Heavy is a full-bodied ale with robust caramel notes and a slight crispness due to the use of rye. It pours a dark, ruby color and is accompanied by subtle fruity esters from Edinburgh ale yeast. Read More>>

At 2015's Midway Mark, Technomic Tracks Six Foodservice Industry-Leading Trends

With half of 2015 behind us, Technomic research experts have taken stock of the market forces and menu trends emerging in the foodservice industry. Overall, consumers are filling restaurant tables at pre-recession levels. However, some dining habits that emerged during that belt-tightening period continue to influence how consumers dine out in 2015 and beyond. Read More>>

Why is Budweiser still mocking craft beer?

The mocking Super Bowl ad generated a torrent of criticism. But the company hasn’t stopped its curious campaign. It started in February. During the third quarter of the Super Bowl, Budweiser rolled out a new spot dubbed “Brewed the Hard Way.” Only instead of featuring Clydesdales, puppies or any of the brewer’s marketing typical touch points, this one aimed a cannon at craft brewers. Read More>> 

Breweries Duvel Moortgat, Firestone Walker to combine operations

Here's a full-fledged brewing collaboration: Duvel Moortgat and Firestone Walker Brewing Co. will combine their U.S. operations. Many breweries team up to make collaboration beers, but Duvel Moortgat and Firestone Walker are making a full-scale, long-term collaboration by combining, but not integrating their organizations, Duvel Moortgat USA president Simon Thorpe in a statement accompanying the announcement. Read More>>

Craft beer brewers caught on the hop by soaring temperatures

Hops-loving hipsters watch out. The craft beer industry is on high alert as blistering heat is hitting key growing areas in the U.S. and Europe, threatening this year's hop harvest. The state of Washington's Yakima Valley, the top producer of "aroma" hops used to flavor craft beers, experienced sustained temperatures above 100F over the past month. Germany and Slovenia, which are also large hop growers, have also been hit by hot weather. Read More>>

Illinois bans powdered alcohol, restricts caffeine

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed into law a ban on powdered alcohol and restristions on caffeine in powdered form. Powdered alcohol mixes with liquids to create a beverage like any alcoholic drink. Sen. Ira Silverstein, the Chicago Democrat who sponsored the legislation, says he was worried it could be used to drug someone or sprinkled surreptitiously on someone’s food. Read More>>

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