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WSDI Names New Vice Executive Director 

After spending several years working on legislative issues in Springfield, Jeremy Kruidenier has been hired as Vice Executive Director for the Wine and Spirits Distributors of Illinois. Kruidenier, of Chicago, has worked as a senior advisor to the Governor, a senior staffer for a state agency and most recently served as a lobbyist on regulatory matters. READ MORE>>

U.S. Beer Maker Says Tax Code Encourages Foreign Takeovers

Almost 90% of the beer made in America now is produced by foreign-owned firms, and the U.S. tax code is one big reason, the founder of the Boston Beer Co.—one of the largest remaining American-headquartered beer makers—told a Senate subcommittee. Jim Koch, who says his company is significantly disadvantaged by the high U.S. tax rate, told a Senate subcommittee that the tax code has led to increased takeovers of American beer makers—including many leading craft producers—by foreign firms. READ MORE>>

Disco champagne: new, super-sweet varieties designed for cocktails

Not still pouring brut champagne out of normal glass bottles into flutes are you? And no, this isn’t another of those articles about how champagne tastes better out of normal wine glasses than it does out of flutes. This is about….pool-side drinking, barfly drinking, picnic champagne, St Tropez beach clubs, Friday nights instead of the pub, rooftop bars in Rio, hot tubs in Twickenham, clubs, playsuits and bikinis and G-L-I-T-T-E-R-B-A-L-L. READ MORE>>

Born in DC the Rickey Cocktail

Over the years, the DC metro area has become quite the drinker’s paradise, with a booming craft beer industry, nationally recognized distilleries and some of the most noteworthy and creative mixologists in the country. So, it should come as no surprise that this adult beverage metropolis also happens to be the site of a cocktail genre creation, the Rickey. READ MORE>>

Coca-Cola releases 2014-2015 sustainability report

The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, released its 12th annual Sustainability Report highlighting progress made in 2014 against the Coca-Cola system's 2020 sustainability goals. “At Coca-Cola, we're committed to integrating sustainability into the very heart of the enterprise, where our efforts create value for our shareowners and the communities we proudly serve,” said Bea Perez, chief sustainability officer at The Coca-Cola Co., in a statement. READ MORE>>

Sheraton revamps lobby bar food, beverage pairings

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts is reinvigorating its lobby bar experience with imaginative menu additions through Paired, a new food-and-beverage program comprised of artisanal small plates and eclectic bar snacks served alongside suggested premium wines and local craft beers.  READ MORE>>

International Spirit and Beverage Group Updates Besado Tequila Launch

International Spirit and Beverage Group is pleased to announce it has begun an aggressive brand awareness campaign through multiple avenues in music and entertainment with several of the country's top artists for its Besado Tequila. "We have hit the ground running," said Terry Williams, chief executive officer, International Spirit and Beverage.  "Besado Tequila is currently being endorsed by some of the biggest names in the music industry soon to be debuted worldwide in a few weeks." Besado Tequila is now featured in projects with T Pain, Juicy J, Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, K Camp, and Fetty Wap with several others already scheduled to follow. READ MORE>>

6 Refreshing Tea and Whiskey Cocktails

Nothing quenches thirst quite like a chilly glass of iced tea on a hot day. A cocktail isn’t a bad choice, either. Combine the two, and you have a drink that’s shockingly delicious. Tea cocktails are popping up everywhere, featuring spirits ranging from gin to vodka, but whiskey might be the best booze for the job. The Wall Street Journal explained combining these two liquids manages to let both beverages shine while many other mixes lead to diminished flavor. And considering whiskey’s massive popularity surge over the last several years, you probably already have a bottle of the hard stuff on hand. Put it to use in one of these six fantastic cocktails, and get ready to cool off. READ MORE>>

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