Chain Beverage Buzz: Wine Edition

Girls and Sweetness in Wine: Myth or Fact?

Sitting in a hairdresser’s chair yesterday, the cute 20-something woman cutting my hair and I start talking about wine. She claims that she doesn’t really like wine and, if pressured, she would prefer to have sweet wine. I’ve heard similar claims from many others in my time as an oenophile and wine salesman – especially from young women. My view is that consumers have the wrong impression about the element of sweetness in wine. READ MORE>>

11 Reasons You Should be Drinking More Wine

Wine is like a great significant other: it’s there to greet you when you get home from a hellish day of work, it helps you unwind, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside and it’s there for you at the toughest times.  It’s also pretty good for your health.  Here we outline 11 incredible benefits moderate wine consumption has on your body. READ MORE>>

Best Wines at Chain Restaurants

National chain restaurants are often more famous for their bottomless salad bowls than their wine lists. But some make a real effort to offer worthy bottles. Here, their best wines (with their wine-list prices). READ MORE>>

Winderlea Vineyard & Winery Receives B Corp Certification

Winderlea Vineyard and Winery, a boutique winery specializing in the limited production of Pinot noir and Chardonnay from Oregon, announced today that they have successfully completed and received B Corp certification by the nonprofit certifying organization B Lab.  Winderlea achieved certification after meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.  Winderlea is just the 2nd winery in Oregon and 4th winery globally to have achieved this comprehensive business sustainability certification.  B Corp certification is to sustainable business what LEED certification is to green building or Fair Trade certification is to coffee. READ MORE>>

China wine growers beat France into second place

China overtook France last year as the world's second largest wine grower by area under cultivation as it continued to plant vast fields of mostly imported grape vines to meet growing demand. The world's second largest economy, which since 2013 consumes more red wine than any other country, has more than doubled the land devoted to vines since the start of the century to 799,000 hectares, the International Vine and Wine organization OIV said on Monday. READ MORE>>

Cheap wine land is appealing to foreigners

As an autumn chill settles over the country, the harvested vineyards mottling yellow and russet, Jose Manuel Ortega’s winery rises amid snow-capped Andean foothills. Inside, Ortega is holding forth on why the poetry of a Malbec yields to the prose of healthy profits. “If you’re a shrewd investor, you’re late on bonds and shares and you’re left with real estate,” Ortega said at his vineyard in La Consulta in the province of Mendoza. “Any decline in Argentine risk due to the positive outcome of the election will raise the price of our property.” READ MORE>>

Sparkling Wine Becomes Winner of Public Blind Wine Tasting

What is the best type of wine, that is in 110 million bottles a year and is exported to 50 countries across the world? It is definitely sparkling wine. Tasting fizzy Sauvignon Blanc and sweet Garganega sparkling wines, even light drinkers give two thumbs up. READ MORE>> 

The Best Wines to Pair with Crab Cakes

Crab cakes combine light, sweet crabmeat with crispy, fried crumbs and rich cream sauces. Lots of wines can work, depending on the other flavors involved, but you can’t go wrong with medium-bodied whites and sparkling wines. READ MORE>>

Wine marketing needs more investment: industry

Grape growers in the South Australian Riverland are calling for a rethink of the marketing of Australian wine at home and overseas. Poor prices for this year's vintage led to growers looking for answers. Riverland Wine executive officer Chris Byrne said the issues with the consumer perception of wine were an industry-wide problem and what consumers wanted was not being listened to. READ MORE>>

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