Craft Beer: More Craft Brewers Joined Our Pavilion This Year

Image Source: Left Hand Brewing Company

A large part of expanding our Expo Floor for the 31st Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show was the growth of the Craft Brewers Pavilion. We worked hard to bring more craft brewers and more samples to the Big Show. Joining us this year were brewers from Los Angeles, Temecula, Portland, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Estonia. We hope you're as excited as we are to see which craft brewers exhibit at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show!

Left Hand Brewing Company

Fun. There are a lot of words we could use to express how we feel about Left Hand but fun is the first to spring to mind. This brewing company seems like they make sure to balance all of their research, hard work, experimentation, branding, and even distribution with fun. Of course, balanced is right up there with descriptors we’d use for Left Hand. Whether you’re after a crisp Pilsner, a roasty Stout or something fun (there’s that word again) like a ginger-infused Pale Ale, Left Hand Brewing Company’s portfolio has something ha will please eey ee dinke.

Angel City Brewery

Situated in downtown Los Angeles, Angel City is a beautiful and state-of-the-art brewery. If you’re a craft beer lover, their Arts District location needs to be on your brewery tour bucket list. Angel City Brewery is dedicated to crafting several beer styles, and The Pilsner is a crisp, medium-bodied dry-hopped lager you’ve got to try. A European-style pils, The Pilsner is made using German and Czech hops (Hallertau, Saaz and Tettnang) to achieve a dry and hop-forward finish. At just over 5% ABV, this Angel City lager is a sessionable and delicious departure from the IPA craze.

Garage Brewing Co.

To say Garage is committed to their craft doesn’t do the brewing company justice. Their brewery was manufactured in North America to exacting standards, and Garage enhances their water for different styles of beer. Garage Brewing Marshmallow Stout and Nitro Milk Stout are two excellent examples of the style but as temperatures slowly and steadily rise we’re starting to look for lighter wheat beers on menus. Their Mango Hefeweizen is unfiltered, refreshing, and infused with mango. This fruit-flavored American-style Hefeweizen took home a gold medal at the LA International Beer Competition and it’s sure to be a winner at your bar.

Odell Brewing Company

We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but take one look at an Odell Brewing Company bottle and tell us you’re not confident that the beer inside will be of the highest quality. Odell is all about the beer, going so far as to pioneer advances in developing innovative beer styles and brewing techniques. They’ve also intensively studied hopping techniques and immersed themselves in the comprehensive analysis of historic beer styles in order to identify the optimal assemblage of beer characteristics in each of their handcrafted brands. Hop lovers will lose their minds over the Myrcenary Double IPA, and those who are in the mood for a session ale won’t be disappointed by Odell Loose Leaf. Speaking of moods, the Odell website features a “mood pairing” beer quiz.

Laurelwood Brewing Co.

This brewpub is Portland, Oregon’s first certified organic brewery. They produce several fantastic beers but we feel you should start with their Workhorse IPA. As their number one selling beer, it’s the backbone of Laurelwood. Workhorse is a supremely flavorful West Coast-style IPA that stands out from the crowd with its powerful, over-the-top aromas. You and your guests will love how well the hoppy bitterness is balanced by the slightly sweet finish.

Scandinavian Craft Cider

It’s Scandi time! If you’re looking for unique semi-dry and semi-sweet ciders, look no further than Scandinavian. Hailing from a small village in Estonia, Scandinavian hard ciders are direct descendants of Norman ciders. They’re also the only ciders available in the US that can claim such a heritage. Scandinavian Apple is made using a traditional Nordic recipe, Green Apple features Latvian apple varieties, and Pear is juicy and zesty with just the right amount of acid to drive home the cider’s richness.


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