Discovery Apps: Foursquare Reveals Their Most Popular Bars of 2015

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Update: Foursquare reached out to us to clarify a few points mentioned in this article. First, Foursquare looked at the bars that were the most visited. According to them, XS is the most popular bar in Las Vegas, meaning that it was the most visited in 2015 according to their data. The data used to define popular is visits (implicit visits via Foursquare and check-ins by Swarm), and that total is not included on any pages that are visible to the average consumer or would have been visible to Caitlin Lilly. Encore Beach Club does have a higher rating than XS, though it is not the highest-rated nightclub in Vegas; according to Foursquare's data, the highest-rated nightclub in Las Vegas is Rain at the Palms. However, we still feel, as do other industry experts, that it's imperative that operators take ownership of and monitor their profiles on discovery, review, and other websites.

Foursquare, the well-known local search and discovery mobile app, released their state-by-state guide to what they claim are the most popular bars of 2015. According to Foursquare themselves, the list covers the "most-visited bars, pubs, beer gardens, cocktail bars, and nightclubs."

However, not everyone agrees with the venues which Foursquare declares to be their most popular.

Caitlin Lilly of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reviewed Foursquare's results and found some inconsistencies. For Instance, she learned that XS, a nightclub located inside Wynn Las Vegas, is listed as Nevada's most popular bar. That's interesting when you realize that Foursquare's point system shows Encore Beach Club as the most popular nightclub in Las Vegas.

That disparity inspired Caitlin to do a little more digging. It turns out that Foursquare lists Downtown Cocktail Room, located in (you've probably already guessed) downtown Las Vegas, as a bar located in North Las Vegas. All of this ultimately caused Caitlin to compare Foursquare results to those of Yelp.

When using discovery apps, users expect accurate results. That should, of course, go without saying. And while each of these types of apps and services relies heavily on user-generated data, the majority of users likely expect data science to be applied in order to produce the best suggestions. It's the usage of data science in conjunction with user-generated data that convinced Nightclub & Bar to partner with Yelp for our Top Rated lists. In our eyes, Yelp seems to pull their threads a little tighter.

This isn't an issue that only affects users, either. We say it time and time again because it's of critical importance: As an operator, you need to ensure that the information provided by services such as Yelp, Foursquare and TripAdvisor is accurate. Open their apps on your phone, check out their websites, and make certain that your bar or nightclub is listed in the correct city, town or village and neighborhood. If users are being steered away from your venue, you're not capturing guests, dollars, or positive reviews. Foursquare's list, unfortunately, highlights how inaccurate information can negatively impact your business.

To read Caitlin's post and review her results, click here.

What bar is your state's most popular according to Foursquare's list, and do you agree? Let us know in the comments.


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