Give Back to Our Own at the 2016 VIBE Conference

There are few better feelings on Earth than giving to others. When the opportunity arises, selflessly helping those who are facing insurmountable struggles is one of the most honorable things anyone can do. On Monday, January 18, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at FOX Sports Grill, VIBE Conference attendees will have the opportunity to attend the “Giving Back to Our Own” party. During this incredible fundraising event there will be a silent auction and attendees will have the chance to show their support for CORE and the families they help.

One such family is that of Claire Davis. CORE learned about Claire through word of mouth. Born to a chef father and a bartender mother, this little girl was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome while in utero and born with only 1 chamber of her heart and had to endure heart surgery at just 6 months old. As Claire hadn’t gone through enough already in her very young life, she was diagnosed with Leukemia after her heart surgery. While at a follow-up appointment at Vanderbilt Hospital, someone stole Claire’s mother’s wedding ring and cash. CORE reached out to Zales who invited her to come in and pick out a new ring. The charity also gave Claire an iPad to assist with her learning skills and to alleviate some of the boredom associated with all of her doctor’s office visits. We’re thrilled to announce that she’s healthy now.

Another child that CORE has helped recently is Bianca. Bianca’s mother works as a nutrition and menu specialist in Decatur. The charity found out about her via social media, and learned that she had been born with brain cancer. Treatment worked early on but a tumor formed and grew, and Bianca was placed in hospice. CORE paid for her formula and planned to makeover her bedroom at home to make it into her dream room but, sadly, she passed on July 29 at the age of 5. CORE finished the makeover so Bianca’s mother and younger sister could see it finished. Her dream room is now her sister’s room and she’s very proud of it.

Since the charity’s inception in 2004, CORE has helped 108 children. Every child they assist receives a CORE bear which has an outfit that matches their interests. CORE serves the hospitality industry and operates on a broader scope than the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can help CORE by referring families in need to them. The organization often learns about children and family in need through word of mouth and social media. As of October of this year, CORE has provided assistance to 23 families.

Those attending the VIBE Conference can show their generosity at the “Giving Back to Our Own” party. Register now for the 2016 VIBE Conference - advance rates end December 30, 2015!


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