Harness the Revenue Potential of Your Customers' Mobile Phone Habits

Are your customers incessantly checking their smartphones? It seems like it’s getting out of hand, doesn’t it? You see it during every shift: the guy at the bar who checks his email during the ten seconds it took for you to pour his draft beer; that young woman so fascinated with her Facebook feed that she doesn’t even notice when her friends have arrived; the after-work party who – during a brief pause in the conversation – reflexively pick up their smartphones to digitally connect again with their other online activities.

According to the 2014 Mobile Behavior Report by Salesforce.com, 90 percent of those aged 18-23 say mobile devices are a central part of their lives; that same group spends a whopping 5.2 hours per day on their smartphones (the overall average is 3.3 hours).  That usage is predicted to increase this year, as consumers begin using smartphones to pay their bar and restaurant checks, purchase merchandise from on-premise gift stores, buy tickets to events, and join restaurant and bar loyalty clubs.

You should be going with the flow regarding your customers’ mobile habits. But more than that, you should also harness the revenue potential of your customers’ digital connectivity needs while at the same time, providing them a superior, digital customer service experience at your establishment.


Mobile is money – and there are simple ways for your business to capture some of the potential revenue stream from smartphone users. Vessl, a portable, powerful smartphone charger, can help you provide an excellent customer experience that will in turn harness and control the mobile activity in your bar; this will also increase patronage, retention, and revenue for you.

Step One: Provide a Superior Customer Experience that enhances the customer’s smartphone habit:

  • Provide fast and easy-to-use charging solutions like the Vessl portable smartphone charger.
  • You are fulfilling a persistent and sometimes urgent customer need: to stay connected in the face of a dying smartphone battery.
  • Customers will stay longer and visit more often as your establishment becomes an integral part of their entrenched mobile/lifestyle habit.
  • Charged smartphone = connected customers who will share their experience on social media while on your premises, purchase your merchandise, and have the ability to pay their bar tab or table check with their digital wallet.

Step Two: Control the Customer Smartphone Experience with mobile marketing direct to customer phones:

  • Brand the Vessl chargers with your company logo and use our NFC (near-field-communication) technology to send promotions and content directly to your customer’s phone.
  • Send them a Thank You discount for their next visit, extend an offer to join your customer rewards program, or announce an upcoming event.
  • Utilizing the mobile marketing potential means you control the message your customers take away from the enhanced digital experience you provided.


You can have a real impact on your bottom line by planning ahead for the rapid changes in digital mobility and connectivity, and how those changes become integrated with the customer experience. For more information on how Vessl portable smartphone chargers can help you provide a solution to those customers’ needs, visit www.vesslcharger.com, or contact us directly at: [email protected] or 844.594.0206.


Be sure to visit us at Booth #138 at the Nightclub & Bar Show, March 30-April 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Ask about special pricing on all Vessl orders placed during our NCBS show promotional period.


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