Heineken Light and Strongbow Hard Apple Cider Now Available on Heineken Brewlock

White Plains, NY – Heineken USA, the nation’s leading upscale beer importer, announces that Heineken Light and Strongbow Gold Apple Hard Cider is available on the BrewLock keg system. BrewLock, the company’s revolutionary, on-premise draught technology, has been transforming the quality, consistency and environmentally-sound delivery of Heineken Lager and Newcastle Brown Ale since 2014.  The innovation was recently recognized by the National Restaurant Association for its impact on the restaurant industry with a Food and Beverage Innovation Award. The patented system was developed by Heineken as a means to consistently provide a freshly brewed beer taste in an easy to install format, without compromising the quality.

“BrewLock’s ability to block outside contaminants and provide a truly great draught beer experience every time is not lost on consumers,” said Mark Lang, On-Premise Sales Strategy and Shopper Marketing Manager. “Initial  results report a +23% increase in rate of sale for Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale, further illustrating just how important a quality draught beer is to consumers. It’s this clear growth and consumer acceptance that has enabled us to extend the BrewLock system to more of our portfolio beginning with Strongbow Gold Apple and Heineken Light. We are excited to see the system continue to grow with these brands.”

Both Strongbow Gold Apple and Heineken Light are award winning in their categories, making consistent delivery of these exceptional liquids so important. From orchard to glass, Strongbow Gold Apple was the highest rated common cider at the World Cider Championships two years in a row and Strongbow on BrewLock delivers the pure, crisp and refreshingly fruity cider to every glass. With just 99 calories, Heineken Light is brewed with Cascade Hops, which are typically only used in IPA’s and help provide a full flavor, and Heineken’s signature A-Yeast; BrewLock ensures the crisp, refreshing flavor and clean aftertaste that make Heineken Light the World Beer Championship’s Best Tasting Light Beer are delivered to consumers with every draught. Heineken Light most recently won the gold medal at the 2015 European Beer Star competition.

BrewLock kegs are easy to install, significantly lighter in weight than steel barrels and are horizontally stackable when not in use, resulting in a considerably smaller footprint in the cooler. They provide a nearly 100% yield so every last drop of profit is squeezed out of the keg.

“Not only are BrewLock kegs cost effective, but they’re recyclable,” said Lang, “The revolutionary BrewLock system eliminates nearly 50% of all draught system failures and provides a fresh taste every time.”

BrewLock 101

The BrewLock keg is a patented double wall 20L keg made out of 100% recyclable PET plastic. The liquid lives in a bladder inside the keg, protected by the PET shell.  Traditional kegs rely on an often-expensive blend of CO2 and N2 that can result in inconsistent or compromised quality. With BrewLock, a small, customized air compressor exerts pressure in the area between the shell and the bladder, pushing the liquid through the draught lines untouched, which guarantees a perfect pour every time.

For information on BrewLock, visit www.brewlocksystem.com or contact your local Heineken USA distributor.


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