Hone Your Craft with the 2016 NCB Bartending & Mixology Track!

William Grant & Sons portfolio ambassador Charlotte Voisey

Any bartender looking to develop and expand their skillset can’t afford to miss the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show’s Bartending & Mixology track. Our new and improved format features award-winning mixology experts from across the nation sharing the techniques and professional insights that have made them household names. Not content with simple adjustments to our program, we’ve shaken things up to approach some of the top spirits and cocktail trends in our industry.

Have you been wondering why it’s almost impossible to keep Japanese whiskies in stock? Looking for something to do with sake beyond bombs? Noon Inthasuwan-Summers, Nightclub & Bar's October 2015 Bartender of the Month, and Michael John Simkin will be hosting an in-depth session to answer your questions.

Hawaiian hospitality is second to none. Jesse Greenleaf, NCB's August 2015 Bartender of the Month and Duke’s Waikiki bar manager, will teach you the secrets behind Hawaiian warmth and openness. In addition, Jess will share some of the hottest trends in tiki cocktails.

Charlotte Voisey, portfolio ambassador for William Grant & Sons and NCB June 2012 Bartender of the Month, will teach you how to play with perception to thrill guests and keep them coming back for more. Discover why you should be on top of one of the hottest cocktail trends, clarifying.

Of course, adopting new trends is nothing without the proper techniques in place. You have to learn how to shake and strain before you can walk. Jeff Morgenthaler, bar manager for Clyde Common, will make sure you leave his session with a better understanding of cocktail creation. Develop (or revisit) the basics and maximize your profits.

There are plenty more sessions from the best in the bartending business for you to attend at the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show. Register now! We’re excited to see you there. 


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