January Bartender of the Month: Branno Kent

Name: Branno Kent

Recent Gigs: Presently chief mixologist at FLUXX nightclub (San Diego) since opening in March 2010. Before that, Voyeur nightclub (San Diego), EBC (Las Vegas), Stingaree (San Diego), Social (Sacramento), Dream Ultra-Lounge (Sacramento), Cabana Ultra-Lounge (Sacramento), Ruby Skye (San Francisco), B&B (San Francisco).

A quick note on how he got into the game: “I moved to San Francisco in early summer of 2005 from Milan, Italy where I was a Marketing Consultant with the AEFFE Group. I lost my fiancé and son in a car wreck there and knew that my time in Italy was over and I needed to move on. So move I did to San Francisco where I found myself at bar drinking my pain away. The bartender of course pried and I eventually submitted. We talked for a few hours, during which it dawned on me that this is where I should take my life. The following day I set out to become a bartender, if nothing more than to be a person to help another in their trials and tribulations. This sparked a whirlwind that landed me in sunny San Diego doing what I love...”

Lessons learned: “I live my life to the ‘ancora imparo’ (I'm still learning) motto! I learn something everyday and apply it...and with new growth comes new inspiration!”

What’s in the Shaker: "’Tis the season, so I’ve been infusing spirits and batching recipes for gifts.”

What He’s Sipping: Gin, baby, all night long! A Negroni stirred with Aperol instead of Campari: 1 1/4 ounces Martin Miller's 80 Gin, 1 1/4 ounces Sweet Italian Vermouth and 1 1/4 ounces Aperol.

What He’s Dancing to while Tending Bar: “If there is one thing I love as much as tending some cracking watering holes, it's dancing, and I'm almost always doing both. As for current fave, I'm going to have to say it’s a tie between David Guetta's Louder Than Words and Green Velvet - La La Land.”

Quirks & Quotable: “If you're in this line of work for the money than you should get out now, for you won't go very far by overcharging someone for a beer that you opened and expect a whopping tip for it. It should be about the love of the showmanship, relationships that are built or the romance of the spirits and wonderful libations you can create from it. Love what you do -- remembering your customers are your guests so treat them as such -- and I promise you the money will come.”



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