May Bartender of the Month: Jessamyn Gangi

Jessamyn GangiName: Jessamyn Gangi

Establishment Name: Scampo at the Liberty Hotel in Boston.

Recent Gigs: The bar manager at Scampo at the Liberty Hotel in Boston, Gangi has worked for The Lyons Group since 1999. Gangi has worked at Lyons Group establishments all over the city, even helping to open a few. However, “Scampo is by far my favorite so far, and it's become home,” she explains.

What’s in the Shaker: “Since we have such an inspiring chef, the highly lauded Lydia Shire, I find inspiration from the kitchen most nights. Right now, my favorite seasonal ingredients are making their way into the shaker: apricot, quince, fig... Anything that's ready now. Spring is the best season for cocktails; there is just so much available. I also like exploring new ways to incorporate a fresh twist on these ingredients. For instance, right now I'm loving our Champagne cocktail that incorporates strawberries with white balsamic vinegar. It is so perfectly balanced and appealing but has that little element of surprise.”

What You’re Sipping & Why: “My tastes are simple. I love good red wine, a vodka martini with a beautiful vermouth, tequila and Champagne. I love being creative, but it's important to focus on things in their purest form as well.”

What You are Dancing to While Mixing: “As a classically trained singer, I love opera and find it to be not only relaxing but also inspiring; dinner at my place would include a lot of Verdi, for sure. But to get the party really started, I turn to upbeat stuff like Friendly Fires, Ghostland Observatory, The Presets and heaps of The Rolling Stones!”

Quirks & Quotable: “I'm always looking for the next challenge at work, especially with people. My very favorite thing is turning around someone's day. Going out should be a time to recharge; you should be able to leave your stress and troubles for a short while. I love helping that happen, and it isn't always easy. Guests come because they need something, food or drink. I come in when it's that extra something that even maybe they don't know they need. If I can identify it and deliver, then I'm satisfied. The potential of those moments is so exciting to me, and I'm always inspired by the people I meet. I've seen some pretty amazing acts of kindness and heard stories from around the world. It's an amazing ride, and we get to do it every night. Anything can happen.”



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